Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shopping locally
Have you ever heard, " I'm just looking"? That's not normally the case in the furniture industry.
You will soon see that in the furniture retail, the stores are independent buildings, they wait for the customer to come to them.

This means the customer is on a hunt and wants some real answers to questions that they have, or some knowledge about an item. There is a want or need that is going to be filled one way or another. And, it starts with a greeting! If the person or persons feel welcome there will be a beginning. An entry into the development of a relationship between the customer, the sales person, and the retail store. But in todays world we in the industry have trained the customer to look for it on their own, not enough help, poor merchandising, bad sales people, and little knowledge of the products. It's been set up to be a "do it on your own.." attitude.
I ask myself, why so much interest with the internet? Why the call and not the normal traffic? Why only asking for a price over the phone? How do they know if it is comparable to the last phone call request they just made? How many times did the merchandise get to the home and it wasn't what they thought it was as far a quality? How many times does the retailer get a bad mark because it didn't stand up to the standards the customer was looking for? I know they are not getting the product they should get if, I could show them from what was described, the one they should have gotten.

Am I on the right track? I think so.

What the customer wants first is being recognized. Second, they are made to feel comfortable in the place they are at, and there are real answers about all of the products they are hunting for. To listen is to win their loyalty. To answer their questions with honesty is to gain their trust. Sometimes that means having to say "I don't know", finding out the right answer, then report back to them. Taking the extra steps will lead to a more meaningful relationship in the future.

I have taken the time to hunt for items on the internet, made by different manufactures and found in every case they all have the best. Without the one on one connection with a real person it is hard to believe there are not some differences between each. I.e. tires, they all make a mud and snow tire, refrigerators, lots to choose and they are all the best, paint, furniture, mattresses, same thing ect... BUT, what about the salesperson who can help make the right decision? Sometimes price is not the "I'll buy it " answer. Why are there 3 types of gas for the cars and trucks? Why is there red and white wine? Why is rare or medium? I find it more rewarding to answer these and other questions with the help from someone I can see and trust.

Being the owner I welcome people to help us get better with positive input on how we are doing, and how can we become better. So please feel free to comment.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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