Saturday, May 2, 2009

Win $250.00

It's not work every minute at The Home Center! Sometimes we try and put a little fun in the work place with all of our customers. This is one of those times. During the month of May with the sun showing up? and the weather turning a little warmer? we all like that famous treat.

The Ice Cream Cone! It's always a warming feeling when you eat an Ice Cream Cone.

At The Home Center, we have found out the owner has a real craving for ice cream and putting it on a cone is a real special treat for him. Knowing that, we are running a contest that all will get a kick from. It's real simple, " guess what flavor the Owner like best." That's all you have to do.

You can guess what flavor the owner likes email it to " " and we will keep your guess on record until the end of May ( 31st ). One entry per person please. June 5th, we will announce the winner and the flavor. If there is more than one right guess, we will put the names into a hat and draw the winner from there. The winner will receive a cashiers check for $250.00. That's right win $250.00 for your guess.

Have fun and send your guess in, employees and families may not participate.