Friday, May 22, 2009

You could be the winner of $250.00

This is the last weekend to enter the contest that could win you $250.00. Guess the type of ice cream that the owner likes, and win. All entries must be in by May 31st and then we will follow up with the winner and announce who wins the $250.00.

Send your answer to Good luck.

Remember we are your furniture and mattress store!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get what you paid for

Get what you paid for: that's not always the case.

Many times at The Home Center you will find the merchandise is much more than "you paid for". To many times the customer doesn't take the time to ask questions about the product as they should. We find there are a lot of look a like items in the marketplace, but this does not mean they are all built alike, or by the same vendors.

Knock off artists are out there and they try to reproduce a look a like at a lesser value to the customer. The underline to that product is the quality of materials used, the construction, and warranty that goes with the item. It's not always the outer side of the box, it's whats inside the box. I mean how and what is used to produce the merchandise.

The Home Center works very hard with vendors to make sure that the right materials, construction and factories are up to standards we would be proud of and who stand behind the products they make. There are lots of products that must be assembled when purchased, but we find that it is better to buy product assembled by the factory ( they know what they are doing).

Building relationships with manufacturers allows better buying, which is then passed on to the consumer. That type of loyalty does build power that not only box stores have but, so do the locally owned, small businesses. Check out our You Tube and meet some of the employees that can service you over the phone or in the locations. Get to know us on a little more of a personal and friendly manor. It make buying so much more.

Remember the contest ends May 31st. (read below)