Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Credit Check Financing

Keep Shopping Locally

Are you aware: Where does your sales tax moneys go?
It is a question that each of us needs to know. Because it is spread out among many different agencies. And each of us needs to be aware of how we help our community or hinder it. With every dollar that is collected and then spent it effects our other tax collections, and services. Police, Fire, Roads, Parks, Sewer, Water, Schools, all public services too many to mention.
The first two listed and Schools are of great concern to me and I'm sure everyone. But, it's not something we think about when it's time to go and buy that special item we are looking for. I'm not sure how exactly the moneys are divided between each of the above and the state, however I do know that it does represent an important part of the budget for a city. When the revenue is lowered the first thing that the city budget does is cut our services. Example: How is the sports programs in the school systems? Do the schools still offer all the programs they did 5 yrs. ago? Do the streets get cleaned regularly? Does the police dept come out and work with the youth in the ball fields? Do the parks get mowed and cleaned properly? I'm sure that there are many things as you think about it that are changing.
Being the owner of a small business in small communities, I'm concerned! Today our families are putting together auctions, rallies, drawing to keep some of the services moving in a protective and productive way. Yet, people leave their own community and do their buying in other cities. They are benefiting other police depts, fire depts, and schools without understanding that their spending is effecting them and the life style of those around them. It's important to keep the wheel turning in each of the smaller communities as well as a state level.
Knowing your local drug store seems to be the thing of the past, yet that drug store has been a supporter of baseball parks, boys and girls activities, adult auctions, and many other adventures over the years. Wasn't it nice when you knew the person's name when you were buying product or asking for a service? Wouldn't you feel a little more secure with your purchase if the company's name was Bill, Susan, instead of a company's name? Or knowing the person sitting next to you at the sports game, or the dinner out was someone you could relate to when you are shopping for that special item? If we are going to use the Internet to be that sales person today, why not call the local stores and see if they use the Internet to communicate with the customer? Then when its time to go and purchase the items you will have begun to build a relationship with a real person in your own community.
What a success story that would be, first you met someone in your own community, and second you supported you local city and services. I believe, that if people would just walk around their own city streets, they would find no matter how large or small the city all of the items they are looking for. ( Even if they have to order them and wait an extra day or two ). What a concept? Be introduced to new people in your own area, and see the area you live in.

I would like to end this little blog with this: "I have lived in this community for 30 years and never been in this store". You have no idea how many times that conversation would end with " your service, prices, and store is wonderful, I'll take it!"