Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shopping at a locally owned furnture and mattress store.

Why buy from a locally owned furniture and mattress store?

With the awareness of all the grandiose furniture and mattress stores in the market place, the things that I find are missing all of the time, is the knowledge of the products sold, and the service that's available. We small businesses depend on the return and referral customers.
How does this all happen? By being dependable, knowledgeable, and servicing the needs when requests are asked of us. I believe that the customer wants the same that we the owners expect from our vendors. Teach us about the products that we sell, show us all of the factors which make the product worth the price. Help us see how it is made, what materials are put into the items, and why it warrants the warranty that they put behind their items. Once it is determined to show the merchandise, we spend a lot of time teaching all of our staff about the product, and how the vendor supports their line. Knowing as much as possible about merchandise makes it so much easier to have a good relationship with our customer. People are not just looking, I know they want to know about what they would like to buy. But, if they feel no comfort with the staff because of lack of product knowledge, they will excuse themselves by saying " I'm just looking".
Now about service, it's simple. Follow through, all the way to the counter for the close. After the merchandise is sold, all of the other parts make the difference. Delivery schedule, pick up at the door, special orders, follow up phone calls, I could go on and on. These are where a small business can make great strides in building a real relationship that will last.
When walking into a locally owned furniture and mattress store, remember to take extra time and get to know your sales staff, you may be working with the owner. I know I would like to know your name and somethings about you and your family. It's so much more fun when we are on a name to name basis, it helps break down barriers. Have a good time shopping and I hope to see you soon.

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